Everything has energy. That means your biz does too!!

So I want to try something really cool - Sending reiki, energy healing, to your business!

I’ve done a couple of one-off sessions, and it works!

“During my session I felt really high vibe & relaxed, like a blanket of love was wrapped around me. I felt the energy shift through my body gently and easily. After my session I felt so good and relaxed. I was able to go on & work on my business & be in flow. And after receiving her feedback everything made so much sense. She knew exactly where I was in the process and what I needed to do next. Having her guidance feels so supportive and helpful. I feel so confident & in flow moving forward & taking action.” -Karla Mejia

“I had Shelby send reiki the same day as the start of a launch. She described the energy of the course perfectly – which I could see clearly as the weeks unfolded. She also mentioned that things would go differently than planned – which it did! (Good thing I was expecting it, right?) And while it was a little chaotic on the backend, it still ran smooth enough that no one knew from the outside perspective. #win” -Kristen Jett

But I have not yet done a package with this.
And we all know that consistency is KEY!

So here is the deal –
I am offering a really low great rate for this online package in exchange for testimonial. (The first rate is only $100 for 3 months!!)

Here is what that looks like:
– I am accepting a small amount of people for each section of this process. 2-3 new people every 3 months for 1 year.
– Every time the cart re-opens for the next block, the price will increase, but still be at a substantially reduced price.
– If you are chosen for a block, you get first dibs at slots for the next block.
– At the end of each 3 months, you will receive a survey from me to fill out for your testimonial and feedback.

What you get:
– Energetic Pampering for you and your business
– Strategies and action steps based on your energy and the energy of your business
– Crystal Recommendations
– Intuition Tools
– A deeper connection and understanding of your business and your energy

What is included:
– 12 Reiki Session of 60 minutes each; 9 for your business, 3 for yourself (One session a week)
– 30 minutes for discussion post Reiki session
– Support via Voxer in between sessions
– One 60 minute Compass Session where we plan your package and goals

Because I am only accepting such few people for each 3 month block, I am accepting applications!


If this EXCITES you, go to the application here!