What is SM Living? What does it look like?

Hey! Guess what! We are back! Well, sort of. Back but different. So let me announce SM Living!

What is SM Living?

SM Living is the blog for grounding in a different way of living (some #newearth living) through nourishing and reprogramming ourselves.
Nourish. Reprogram. Relax.

Photo of a person from the torso up, sort of leaning back with a halter top on and their brown hair in a messy bun. The bright green leaves behind them suggest a forest and background is somewhat blurry. SM Living.

The world is noisy and busy and rushing. (And by the world, I really mean the some of the societies we exist in.)

If anything, we have begun to see, living this way doesn’t work for us any more. It doesn’t work for me. And you are here because it doesn’t work for you either.

All of the pressure that is perpetuated and created in society, it used to leave me feeling anxious. My energy would buzz with “gotta do, gotta do, gotta do.” And I run around, get exhausted, sleep poorly, etc. Then I’m more anxious and my body is under stress and strain.

And it just perpetuates.

Stop with me for a moment. Does that sound familiar?
Feeling constantly, or nearly constantly, strained and stressed?

It isn’t working for us. We have to do something different. We have to live differently.

Which leads us to – what does work for us? What does living differently look like?

Rest. Chill. Flow. Peace.
The subtle magic of life.

This doesn’t mean we don’t have joy and excitement. We do and we relish them. And that we don’t experience anger or grief. We do and we feel them to move through them.

But the baseline frequency is chill.
Relaxing on the couch.
Meditating under a tree.
Floating in the pool.
Naps in the sun.
And letting things flow.

A green-blue river wrapping through a canyon. The viewer is looking down at slight angle into the canyon from a cliff. It's the flow of SM Living.

Living in that space of subtle magic.
Where it flows under the surface of everything, creating synchronicities.

And that is what SM Living actually is.
A different way of living that is supportive and magical.

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