What it Means to Live Your Intuition

Deep Intuitives LIVE their intuition. What does that mean though? Here’s what it means to live your intuition – and one way you can get there.

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What it Means to Live Your Intuition.

You are in tune with your intuition. You fully and deeply trust yourself and your intuition. And that is because you are so solid in yourself – you KNOW who you are. And all this confidence and trust spills over not just into all areas of your life, but into the lives of others as well.

You get the vibe – but let’s break it down further.

Be Solid in Yourself

This means knowing and accepting yourself – so much so that you don’t care about other people’s opinions. Or at least their opinions don’t hold much weight, because we are humans after all and we do care about what people think. It’s part of being communal and group creatures.

When we know who we are – we aren’t as concerned with how other’s see us. We already know who we are.

Same goes for accepting ourselves. When we accept ourselves, then the things that other people could point out – are less of a concern. It doesn’t get under our skin, because we already accept ourselves.

For example, years ago – if I knew and accepted myself the way I do now, it wouldn’t have bothered me so much that people I cared for made fun of the fact that I watched Finding Bigfoot. I also may have not been hanging around them in the first place.

When we know and accept ourselves – we become solid in ourselves, which also means solid in our intuition. Which also leads to trusting yourself and your intuition.

Being Your Own Authority

Living your intuition also means to trust yourself and your intuition. If you aren’t trusting yourself or your intuition, how are you going to live it?

When we trust ourselves and our intuition, we use it with more ease and in various areas of our lives. We can use it from everything from which grocery store to go to in order to get the best deals, to making business decisions and moves that generate more income. It just flows.

The grocery store thing though – that’s real. That’s how we once got a nice knife set for less than half price. That’s a real life example.

But so is everything else. Because when you trust yourself and your intuition in your business, you are more likely to take the step and follow through with your plan. Which means actually seeing results and more income.

And all of this naturally equates to letting it spill over, which is the third part to this definition.

Letting it spill over

Being solid in yourself and trusting yourself and your intuition, it becomes embodied. Meaning it is to be the tangible form of those things. When we embody this solidity and trust, it spills over. We exude it. And it creates change in other people’s lives because they notice it.

When was the last time you saw someone who was truly confident walking down the street? Or speaking on a video? They exuded it right? And it sparked something within you as well. Living your intuition does the same.

But – how do you become someone who is a Deep Intuitive and lives this deeply intuitive life?

Getting There

Well – you can put in the time and effort all on your own. I did this. There were ups and downs. And I actually found I got stuck in the third level, the Sensitive Intuitive. There is nothing wrong with it. That may be your goal, and one level is not better than another. Intuition is a big deal for me, so I wanted to get to the Deep Intuitive level.

OR! You can take Live Your Intuition – my 3 module course to get you from a Sensitive Intuitive to a Deep Intuitive. (And even if you aren’t quite a Sensitive Intuitive yet, it can help you get a lot closer to being a Deep Intuitive, so long as your foundation is pretty solid.

You’ll get the deep dish on each of the 3 pieces – being solid in yourself, being your own authority, and letting it spill over.

Curious? Click here to learn more and sign up for Live Your Intuition.

Tell us- Which area do you feel the most confident in right now? Which area do you want to grow in the most?

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