What to do when Your Goals Feel so Far Away

Sometimes we can get a little down because what we desire in life isn’t matching with our reality, or even close to it. Don’t stay stuck! Here is what to do when your goals feel so far away.

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What to do when Your Goals Feel so Far Away

As you may have known, my husband and I moved back home recently and we are staying with family for the moment. Life threw us a curve ball. It happens. But as I am sitting at the dining room table, there is some frustration, because my goals feel so much farther away.

For fun, I like to daydream. And these days, that mainly involves perusing Zillow and looking at homes in desirable locations. Sometimes I let myself get really wild and look at buying homes, other days I look at what I can rent and if I can get it closer to my budget.

But on rare occasions, even the daydreaming becomes frustrating. So what to do when your goals feel so far away?

We ground it in. And that for me looks like doing the math.

Grounding it in / Bringing it Closer

So, the other day, I found a house I liked. I got out the calculator and looked what would I need to make to afford that home. With Zillow, they do some of the calculations for you and show you what your monthly estimated cost would be. So I multiply that by 3 to get my monthly income. And then I multiply that by 12 to get my yearly income.

Making it Measurable

Let’s say the estimated monthly cost is 10,000.
10,000 x 3 = 30,000 x 12 = 360,000.
360,000 would then be the yearly income that I would need for it to be comfortable.

Once I have the yearly income, I go into my “fun” pricing spreadsheet. This is the one that I copied from my actual business prices. Here I can play with the pricing of various offers, and how much I would need to sell, in order to meet that goal. Because I have multiple offers at multiple price points, the spreadsheet is helpful. If I had one or two, it might be easy enough to calculate without one. But I also just like a neat and orderly spreadsheet. There is just something about them.

The next step is to break this down further.

Breaking it Down

So, in looking at just my courses and trainings alone, I could figure out how many I would need to sell of each offer, if I sold them at x price, and n number of times each year.

In my spreadsheet this looks like:
X (price) x N (number of launches each year) = P (product) x S (number of sales each launch) = $$$

This can also be looked at other ways, but it is just how I have it set up in my spreadsheet.

Now, this doesn’t work with every goal that we have that feels far away. But the underlying concept is – break down the goal. Get clearer on what you need to achieve it, and then break it down to steps that you can actually take.

Break it Down – Again

In the above example, we broke down the goal of the home into income needed to afford it. Then, I calculated sales to meet that income. Now, I can go through offer and break it down into – what do I need to do in order to sell that many?

Use Your Intuition

This is where I tune into my intuition. Which offer to focus on first? Which steps to break this down into? Where to focus my energy?

You can also look at this logically – what has sold the best in the past, how are other people scaling their offers, etc.

But for me, my intuition can help me to tune into the energy of that goal, of the version of myself that has achieved it as quickly and easily as possible. I can then assume that energy and make decisions in alignment with it. And from here I can also apply some Biz Magic Reiki to further help the process along.

So, let’s break this down!


The Steps:

  1. Identify the goal.
  2. Break it down into something measurable.
  3. Break that down further into steps to get there.
  4. Get to work!

And remember to use your intuition along the way!

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