When a Crystal Calls You – How do you respond?

I pulled crystals out of their compartments, prepping them for wire wrapping. A couple I identified as too big or heavy for jewelry. I removed one in particular and put it on my desk, which doubles as a working altar. It looked as if it belonged.

I went about the rest of my day- working, cooking, and relaxing. And where was the crystal? In my hand. Being turned about. I even stopped to spend some time cleaning it. (It has a hole that was filled with dirt.)

It was waking up after having spent so long in slumber. The call wasn’t very loud. Not even a whisper, but the feeling that someone was watching you. The look became a whisper. And when I awoke the next morning, it became a yell. Not the desperate as-loud-as-you-can yell but the kind where you see a friend across the room at a party or a bar. Loud enough to demand your attention but not loud enough to be deafening. (I’ve been spiritually yelled at enough to know to pay attention at this point.)

I sat the crystal in front of me. It wanted my attention, but for what? I asked it mentally. Feelings came first. They were determination, joy, and fire. (Think of your typical Anime main character guy, kind of like Ash from Pokemon.) But the next feeling caused me to tear up, it was love.

Unconditional love. The deep love of best friends. Encouragement to grow and transform. And that is exactly what it wanted to help me with – transformation.

I confirmed it with tarot cards, just because I need that extra step of confirmation. But my spirit knew and it had moved me.
So what do you do when a crystal calls you?

  1. Determine if it is you or the crystal. Sometimes the “call” is really just me finding a way to justify a purchase. (Lol!) But in this case, I had already purchased the crystal some time ago. It just wasn’t time yet.
  2. Ask the crystal- What does the crystal want? Or what is the call? Sometimes it just wants to be of use, sometimes it has a specific purpose.
  3. Wait for an answer. If you are having a difficult time, try holding the crystal or tuning into your intuition. If you are still having a difficult time, grab your preferred divination method. I like to use tarot and oracle cards.
  4. Make a decision. At the end of the day, you have the choice to work with the crystal and take that call, or say “No thank you!” You have the power of choosing.
  5. If you say yes, the ball is in your court! You can perform a ritual marking the occasion or just continue conversing with the crystal, or something else! It is up to the two of you to find a way to work together. (Just because you said yes, doesn’t mean you give up your power. You don’t have to submit to the will of the crystal.)

Bonus Step!

  • Go live life!

Have you ever had a crystal call you? Share your experience in the comments below!