Who is Shelby Melissa? Behind the scenes of SM Living.

With the reopening of the blog and the new brand of SM Living – who is behind it? Who is Shelby Melissa?

Who is Shelby Melissa?

A photo of Shelby Melissa with her left arm up with the hand behind her head, right arm out to the side, and slightly leaning towards the camera. Wavy blonde hair. Black rim glassses. Green shirt.

Hi! That’s me! I’m Shelby Melissa!

Growing up, I have always believed in magic and beauty. (Taurus Sun, hello!)

And as I grew through grade school and was being prepared for the world. Right? Being prepared for college, for a job, etc. – Something had shifted.

Living became about performance, producing, and profits.
How was I performing at school?
What was I creating? Was I making sure to use my time wisely?
Was I being productive? Was I bringing in more? Doing more?

And guess what?
After graduating with my master’s – I was burnt out.

It makes sense right? Because performance, producing, and profits are never about resting and being. It’s never about enjoying. It’s always about the next thing.

Healing from burn out requires us to do things differently, but especially if we are to not experience burn out again.

We have to do things differently.
I had to do things differently.

I took 3 months off from doing what I was “supposed” to do.
And I gave myself space to do what I wanted to do.

At first it was a lot of – playing video games, resting, etc. Because that is what I needed. But I began to heal. And other things would pique my interest. Like getting back into reading cards. Like meditation. Like sharing what I learned and knew.

And over the years, this has evolved and transformed into realizing what had occurred. And how society and systems in society perpetuate this experience.

Work Work Work. Burn out. Binge Netflix and playing video games for days on end. Work Work Work. Burn out. Binge Netflix and playing video games for days on end.

It isn’t sustainable.

So Hi!

I’m Shelby Melissa.
I am an MSW, Reiki Master, and Energy Mentor. Creator behind the Nourish + Reprogram framework.
I use energy work with systems and businesses.
I am a Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Cancer Rising.
I’m an INFJ and a Human Design Projector.

I’m also a white, bisexual ciswoman. I deal with anxiety and depression. I have other chronic health issues.

And I run SM Living, so that we can all deconstruct the systems and beliefs that keep us in this burn out cycle, that limit how we live and exist, and so that we can create amazing lives of nourishment and freedom.


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