Why do we care so much about other people’s opinions?

We’re human. We care about people, and thus we also care about their opinions. But when we care about them, it keeps us stuck. So why do we care so much about other people’s opinions?

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Why Do We Care So Much About Other People’s Opinions

Obviously, there are many reasons. And many different perspectives that we can take. We can look at it from an evolutionary perspective, different behavioral ones.

In my experience, one reason you may care so much is because you aren’t solid in yourself – but let me explain. What is basically going on is that you are weighing their opinion as much greater than your own opinion. Doing that creates an imbalance – but when you are solid in yourself, you are rating your own opinion about yourself, your life – higher than other people’s opinions.

Ugh. And it is so debilitating when it is unknown people. “What if people think I’m x?” – Who cares? 1. You probably won’t be like that. But 2. What do you think about you?

And especially debilitating when it is a close loved one. “What will my partner think if …” It is important to care about your partner and what they think, but talk to them and let them tell you what they actually think rather than assuming what they will think. Give them the autonomy to think for their self.

This happens in part for two reasons – you aren’t exploring or knowing yourself, you aren’t forgiving and accepting yourself. Let’s dig in a little bit.

You’re not exploring and knowing yourself.

We can also frame this as getting to know yourself. When you get to know a new friend, you may be excited to learn about their interests. There is a sense of being captivated by them even. Do you get captivated by yourself? Do you see your quirks in that same caring and fun way?

You don’t forgive and accept yourself.

We all do shit that we are embarrassed about. That when we are trying to sleep at night comes back to mind and keeps us up. And sometimes these things are heavier. But they replay because we still feel guilty, embarrassed, regretful when thinking about them.

So, these two things lead to us weighing our own opinions of ourselves, our choices, and our capacity to make decisions with our intuition as lesser than the opinions of others.

With all of this now said, you want to shift that scale. You want to weigh your opinion more. You want to be more solid in yourself. But how?

Taking the Next Step

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