Working on Me

Working on Me was previously a limited time reading for Tumblr back in 2016.

But it is BACK!

Receive a reading of three cards to help you get your act together and your life on track heading in the direction you want it to!


“This was super awesome! Highly recommended!”
“I splurged to get a butt kicking reading from @shelby-melissa and she did not disappoint!”
“Thank you for the amazing reading! It was definitely a butt kicker, but not false.  I do certainly have some big plans for myself in the coming year, and it was good to get a little direction 🙂 Thank you!”

This reading can kick your butt! It handed me mine, so be prepared for some brutal honesty and to take a good look at yourself.

This reading is conducted via email and will be sent to the email included in your payment.

Get your butt handed to you for only $12.67! Are you ready?