You are Changing the World – Channeled Messages from the Divine

You are changing the world! Do you hear me? Do I have to clap it out to you? lol. Just continue reading on the channeled message I received and how we can change the world!

You are Changing the World.
How do I know? I channeled it.

Here is part of a conversation I channeled back in June:

“You are changing the world. Who told you that you couldn’t change the world?”
My professors at school. They told us we couldn’t save the world. That we had to let go of our dreams that we could change the world.
“You can change the world. You are helping to shift it. The more people you reach, the more the world changes.”

Now, I do want to point out that my professors had the best intentions. They didn’t want us thinking we could save the world and change it right away out of school because we could become very depressed and burnt out.
But that doesn’t mean what we are doing isn’t actually changing the world, changing the reality we live in, shifting our direction.
You are changing the world. You are helping to shift it.
We are here to do this work. Many of us have come back at this point in time to help continue this shift. We each have the things we are here to do. We have our own special skills to apply, use, and share in our lifetimes here on Earth at this time.
But there are things that we can all do, skills we all share that we can use to change the world and to shift it.

Here are 3 things we can all do to change and shift the world:
  1. We can visualize it. That means we create and repeat affirmations. And then we dream it, and dream it often.
  2. Express gratitude and uplift others, especially those who are systematically oppressed. Celebrate their achievements as if they are your own. Use your platform and privilege to amplify their voices. And then LISTEN! Listen to what they have to say. Then do the work.
  3. We turn inwards as well and align with our own inner truths. Trust in our intuition and listen to our divine selves. We continue this work outside of ourselves and within ourselves. Because, remember those systems of oppression? Well, they are insidious. And they get in our heads without us even realizing it. Cleanse them out!

These are your steps. They aren’t the only things we can be doing to change and shift the world, but these are your homework. Your tasks in changing the world and shifting it. Give them a try each day.
I can’t wait to see the shifts you make!
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