You are Massively Intuitive Bundle

You are divine. You are powerful magic. And you are intuitive.

You know that, because you are here. You want to remember these things and cultivate them within you.

And it starts with intuition. Because intuition is the mode of spiritual learning.

It is how we feel things. How we know things beyond what we can comprehend and what we see in the physical world before us. How we experience the spiritual realms we come from.

So the next step in our foundation is to build up our intuition.




who i am


I’m Shelby Melissa. A spiritual coach, energy alchemist, and intuition queen.

I know that we can make a difference in the world. I know that we can change our future. We are powerful, magical and divine beings after all. And I believe that everyone is born with a beautiful vision of the future. And even if we lose sight of it, it is still there deep within us. Waiting to be remembered. Much like our truths – we are divine, we are magic, and we are intuitive. They wait for us to remember.

And I am here to help facilitate that remembering.




Let’s get remembering.

Let’s remember just how intuitive you are with the You are Massively Intuitive Bundle! (You see what I did there?)


you will.png

Remember your intuition.

Smash limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Tune into your intuition for more purpose in life.

Access even more spiritual learning through your intuition.

Take one more step into your power.


and you will get

My 2016 Intuition Periscope for learning what intuition is and discovering what it means to you.

The Intuition Power Up Series- a two video series on things I have done to give my intuition a power boost.

The Knowing Your Mood States Video for differentiating between your moods and your intuition.

My Intuition Meditation – a quick meditation for tuning into your intuition.

And the Intuition Quiz for tracking your intuitive growth.

Valued at: $64.44

That’s 90 minutes of videos and meditations + homework for each video that you can move through at your own pace.




This bundle is valued at: $64.44

But you can get it for: $44.44

So come join me in remembering!

are you ready

Yes! I'm in!

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