You are Massively Intuitive Bundle – Access Granted


Click here for The Intuition Quiz.

-Download the Quiz and take it.


Intuition Meditation

-Listen to the meditation.
-Tune in.


2016 Intuition Periscope

-What does intuition mean to you?
-Try thinking of times when your intuition was correct.


Intuition Power Up – Day One

-What signals are you receiving right now? Hungry? Tired?
-Are you an empath? What does it feel like when you are picking up on other people’s stuff?
-Journal. Just let things flow. This helps letting our intuition flow but also recognizing our intuition.


Knowing Your Mood States

-Get to know your moods. How can you tell you are happy? How can you tell you are sad?
(This can take some time, so just start with making a list.)
-Begin to notice the differences between your moods and their thoughts/signals/etc. and your intuition.


Intuition Power Up Day Two

-Do the meditation.
-What limiting beliefs do you have? Write them out.
-Flip the script on those limiting beliefs.
-Repeat these new beliefs.
-Download the quiz again and repeat it to see your growth!