Make it Your Year

It’s 2019. And I’m sure you’ve heard this before – Make it Your Year. But this isn’t just about some fun motivational thing. How 2019 is going to go for you, is really up to you this year. Learn how 2018 is playing into what is in store for 2019 and what I am doing to move forward.

Magic: Actualizing Intentions Ritual

You are full of magical creation and manifestation – bringing what you want into reality. You set goals, you work hard to achieve them. Give your efforts a boost with this Actualizing Intentions Ritual!

The Magic of Sound Immersions + Baths

When you attend a Sound Immersion or Sound Bath, you typically lay on the floor or get into a comfortable position and relax as the sounds carry you. But on a spiritual level, something magnificent happens. That’s the magic of sound immersions + baths. So what happens?

Holiday Self Care Tips

Holidays can bring up a wide range of emotions and issues. And it can feel like trying to pull a boulder up a mountain to get through them sometimes. So, I’ve create a list of 11 holiday self care tips in an attempt to try to make the holidays a little easier to get through for all of us.

Seeking Answers? Go Within.

When Seeking Answers, are you taking time to go within? Are you counting yourself in or dismissing your power and knowledge. I was.

Singing Bowls: Unboxing and Reveal

I received my crystal singing bowls with much excitement and gratitude! I’ve been learning so much about them as a whole, including Tibetan ones, and I had to share everything I’ve been doing and learning! Included below are some videos of my unboxing and playing my bowls! — I finally received my Crystal Singing Bowls!…

Happy New Years! – 2018 Looking at New Goals

The New Year tends to come with the setting of Resolutions. And what are resolutions, but really special goals we set at the New Year? So, what are you looking to accomplish or do in 2018? Take a moment to brainstorm and really get clear on what you want. Then narrow this list down to…

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Review

When the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray first arrived, I did a mini deck review on my Instagram stories with my first impressions. You can watch them in this video below. In this blog post, I’ll be going more in depth to review this deck. Areas of review will include things…