Vision Boards: Creation and Magic

ThenI love vision boards! They are such a great way to put our intentions into the world. AND build the magic up over time. So it isn’t just one and done, but it is cultivating and expanding that magic. Then we can really lock in and manifest those big things. Like a house! A car!…

Grounding and Centering

Grounding and Centering is one, or maybe rather two, of my favorite activities. Both of these activities have been instrumental in my journey, and in the journeys of others. Here, I’ll share the steps I use and that you can replicate!     Grounding and Centering – 1 step for more joy and fulfillment If…

What is Intuition?

What is intuition? What is this sixth sense? It is this sense, this ability to know that we all have. But that doesn’t capture all of it. So let’s dive in! ⠀ What is intuition?⠀ Intuition is that sixth sense. That knowing that happens without there being a logical/brain aspect to it. You just know….

Journal Your Soul

I love journals! And if you are like me, then your probably have multiple journals!
Below are two ways I use journals that may help you!

Self Care + Energy: Are you leaving your energy out of self care?

Your energy is important. So why are you leaving it out of your self care? We all know self care is important. Let’s incorporate it into your practices! Self Care + Energy: Are you leaving your energy out of self care? You probably hear about self care a lot – how important it is, things…