Magic: Ways to use The Sims

We live in an age with technology and so many new things! Magic, like us, evolves. The tools we use change as the world changes. That is why we can use things like our phones, computers, and even video games for magic. In the blog post, I’ll talk about a couple different ways to use The Sims for magic!

Make it Your Year

It’s 2019. And I’m sure you’ve heard this before – Make it Your Year. But this isn’t just about some fun motivational thing. How 2019 is going to go for you, is really up to you this year. Learn how 2018 is playing into what is in store for 2019 and what I am doing to move forward.

Journal Prompts: Money and Worth

I’m starting new series of posts called Journal Prompts. They’ll come out sporadically, but all focus on specific journaling prompts. This week’s theme is around money and worth.

Magic: Releasing Ritual

As we go through life, things happen or we pick things up. But there usually comes a time to let go and release. That’s where some magic comes in. Let go of things holding you back or weighing you down with this Magic: Releasing Ritual! Releasing – What is it? Releasing is something that happens…

The Energy Non-Binary: Revisited

Look. We don’t have to view energy as masculine or feminine. I see it different. Energy is non-binary to me. It isn’t an either/or. It isn’t an “and this” either. It just is.

Singing Bowls: Unboxing and Reveal

I received my crystal singing bowls with much excitement and gratitude! I’ve been learning so much about them as a whole, including Tibetan ones, and I had to share everything I’ve been doing and learning! Included below are some videos of my unboxing and playing my bowls! — I finally received my Crystal Singing Bowls!…

Intentional Transformation – Who do You Want to Become?

Who do you want to become? Let’s talk Intentional Transformation! Purposefully looking ahead and becoming the you that you want to become. (TW: Emotional Abuse Mention)   Intentional Transformation Lately, I’ve been thinking about “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to be?” At 27, it sounds a bit silly to think about who…

What is Intuition?

What is intuition? What is this sixth sense? It is this sense, this ability to know that we all have. But that doesn’t capture all of it. So let’s dive in! ⠀ What is intuition?⠀ Intuition is that sixth sense. That knowing that happens without there being a logical/brain aspect to it. You just know….

Fighting Perfectionism – Becoming Okay with Being Human

Perfectionism is hard. It pushes us to strive for something that doesn’t exist. And it hurts. So how am I fighting this? Let me tell you.   Fighting Perfectionism – Becoming Okay with Being Human Perfectionism is the striving for the utmost excellence, free from being wrong or failing, having no flaws. But it is…